Silverdale is a lovely town is home to a population of around 20,000 people. Many families are attracted to the area because of the relatively low property crime rates and the excellent public schools. As you will see below housing is also relatively affordable and has produced solid gains over the previous decade.

Silverdale Shows Steady But Consistent Gains

The recent median sales price for a Silverdale property was $138,000. As of 2013 the average median price was just under $250,000. The fact that the average home has produced a solid $100K gain over the past thirteen years is impressive. But what is even more attractive about Silverdale is the relative stability of property prices in the area. Even in 2008 following the real estate crash which affected most other parts of the country, prices never dipped below $200,000. This means that local home owners have enjoyed consistent gains without the same the volatility in house prices that have affected many other areas.

The average price per square foot for Silverdale real estate was $150 in October, 2013, This is a 1.4% increase over the same month last year. Prices are trending upwards and so this may be a good time to enter the market and enjoy some solid gains over the next few years.

Sales Volumes Are Rising

2013 has been a great year for sales volumes in Silverdale real estate. Sales in Silverdale are up 50% year over year for October 2013. Currently there is a solid amount of housing inventory in the market but it matched by plenty of demand. Whether you are buying or selling this is a great time to get into the Silverdale real estate market.

Housing Affordable To Middle Class Buyers

While house prices have been on the rise in Silverdale homes are still affordable to normal middle class buyers. The median household income in Kitsap is $59,549 a year. The median sales price for a home in Silverdale is $245,780. This puts house prices in Silverdale at about four times annual household income. A comfortable amount that allows buyers to enjoy a comfortable home without having to overextend themselves.

Education in Silverdale

Silverdale is home to a number of highly regarded schools. The area boasts three schools, Central Kitsap Junior High School, Silver Ridge Elementary School and Emerald Heights Elementary School which are all rated five out of five stars by local parents. Overall the Kitsap central school district educates approximately 11,000 students from kindergarten through to high school. The graduation rate for students from Silverdale's school system is excellent as well. In 2010 89.4% of students graduated from Silverdale, compared to a only 72% from Washington state as a whole.

Low Property Crime Rates

Another reason that home buyers are attracted to Silverdale is the relatively low rate of property crime that the town enjoys. Property crime only affects 4.4% of the population in Kitsap county. This compares to 4.48% for Seattle as a whole.

If you are looking for a place a great place to live and still enjoy steady gains in your home price, then you should strongly consider Silverdale, WA. The town is a great place to raise a family or enjoy a more relaxed way of life. With home prices and sales volumes on the rise it is the perfect time to buy.

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